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Drive -In Movie Theater

People always wonder were crazy ideas come from. What about the concept of watching a movie in the comfort of your own car?  After the birth of the drive-in movie theaters, the new found industry started to boom. The small family run business started popping up all over the United States.  Eventually, all good things have to come to an end, including the auto theater business boom. Although, now they seem to be forgotten, drive-in movie theaters are an important part of America’s history.

Richard Hollingshead had the crazy idea of watching a movie in the comfort of his own car. He stumbled upon the idea while trying to meet his mother’s needs, after every visit to the local cinema she would complain about the uncomfortable chairs and loudness of the movie. Maybe Richard was tired of  hearing her complain about the family outing or maybe he saw a chance to change how American people watched a movie. After experimenting with a white sheet screen and Kodak projector placed on the hood of his parent’s car, Hollingshead realized he had come across a brand new concept for watching movies. Hollingshead patented his idea.  He didn’t know it then, but his idea was about to take off.  A couple of years later arose the first auto theater ever.  Somehow, crazy ideas have a way of appearing in the right people’s hands.

Drive-in movie theaters offered the first all-around family entertainment. Spending time with family, enjoying dinner together, watching the kids play on a swing set, all while sitting in a classic car awaiting the start of an anticipated movie resembles the perfect American dream.  Soldiers coming home from World War ll especially enjoyed this entertainment. These were contributing factors to the auto theater  business boom.  Drive-ins started pooping up all over America, even across the globe.  Many drive-ins were equipped with restaurants and multiple screens to keep up with the high demand.  In their heyday, drive-ins filled to capacity every weekend.  the whole family would come out to their local drive-in; it truly offered a family friendly atmosphere.

Drive-ins are a large part of American History, significant even though they were short lived.  Most drive-in movie theaters left as quickly as they came. There were a few strong survivors. A few more have even reopened since their mighty downfall. The industry as a whole started to disintegrate for a few reasons. First, land price shot up, so numerous auto theaters were bought out. Second, the drive-ins were a seasonal run business.  Movies ran usually only on the summer weekends.  Cinemas started to be an increasing competition, since they would  get the biggest hits first, leaving the drive-ins to play older movies. the only way you can really get the feel of how fast the industry grew, sustained and dropped so rapidly is by actually seeing the numbers right in front of you graphed. the graph would resemble a mountain with a flat peak, the boom of the industry shot up, then its short stay in the entertainment industry, finally ending with the downward plunge.

Drive-in movie theaters, once know as auto theaters, made an impact on the entertainment business industry in America.  Whether it was the way they boomed and bust in blink of an eye or the black and white photographs they left behind. Even though drive-ins seem to have been forgotten, they still made a difference in the entertainment  business. Drive-in movie theaters are an interesting characteristic that is set in the history of American entertainment.

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